Reinvention at every age…

So we all practice reinvention because we all change, all the time. If by sloth powered thinking we are not changing, then we are dying and it won’t be a pretty or enjoyable or short death.

In our teens and twenties most of us are inventing ourselves so fast and furiously that we do not have time to recognize everything we “seem” to be. In our thirties and forties with families, we are busy working at our careers or our families or both. Iscthere time for any self actualizing?

In our forties and fifties we find ourselves wanting. Wanting more of who we really are, wanting more of our dreams to be shinning through each day.

Each day a little progress. Our sixties? I am just getting to work on that. It is about the journey.


Family in summer

Trying out the skate park.

The mushroom with Sebastian at the skate park.

Five Points Birmingham

In the water with grandma

Pensacola Beach

Creativity in the down-time.



This is a great speech I found on YouTube.  Interesting stuff:  look up the “spotlight effect”.  Motivation is not the problem.  It’s the hesitation, the silence, the fear and the emotion.  You have maybe a 5 second window and after that your brain will stop you from taking the risk, putting yourself in “danger”, changing…

Understand the 5 second window, realize all the stuff you are putting over, on top of , around the idea or the desire.  Count backwards 5,4,3,2,1 and move.  Use metacognition to interrupt what you would have done.  Set yourself up for success.  I am totally going to look into this book, “Impact Theory”


and loss and sadness. My heart dog is gone and swept away so fast. My beautiful, wonky girl afraid of little and loving every creature crossing her path.

I miss her face sitting in the sun,

and sleeping in the sun.

Pretending the death ray got everyone!

Loving on her adopted mom; long gone across the bridge from us all,

Sharing the yard with her newly adopted brother.

Sharing an adventure with her human Mom a thousand miles from home.

Even in the cold.

and pining for home.

Visiting family on the journey back and perkier with the familiar faces of one of her human boys, knowing she is closer to home.

Loving on another of her human boys at home,

and spending her last days at home with her human Mom and Dad.

My beautiful baby, gone far too soon.

Sadness and loss.

Ode to a beautiful boy.

May your paws be true and steady on paths of fallen pine.

May your nose always scent the green of grasses

and swaths of autumn yellow.

May your eyes remain clear

and beautiful for every precious moment.

May your heart fly in forests filled with squirrel and rabbit.

May you find your way over the bridge where your brother chases rabbits and deer.

Where he waits for you with glad heart.

Fare thee well, with love, dear Bill